qc certification

Our quality standards are in accordance with MIL-I-45208A. We meet or exceed MIL-R-39002, MIL-R-12934H and MIL-STD 202.

Quality Control Procedures

It is the responsibility of our Quality Control Inspector to establish and maintain adequate records of all inspections, verify conformance to material specifications, maintain Quality Standards, and systematically control product at the source with an effective corrective action for discrepancies.

In-Process Inspection

All manufacturing work operations are subject to Quality Control approval. Systematic and controlled inspection will be used for work operations. The result of several work operations may be inspected at one time. In-process inspection will include not only physical and dimensional checks, but processes and workmanship as well. Identification will be through a sign-off. All inspections must be initialed and dated by the person performing the inspection function. Rejected items are marked and moved to an area apart from the normal flow of in-process materials until disposition is made.

Test Equipment Control

All equipment in Quality Control has been calibrated by a certified facility adhering to the NIST#'s. Certifications and Calibration are available for review upon request.

Receiving Inspection

All purchased parts are inspected to drawings and/or specifications. Accepted materials are identified and sent to stock. Rejected materials are identified and held segregated in Receiving Inspection until disposition is made. Received raw materials will be inspected to applicable specifications. Certifications and test reports, where required, will be examined for compliance to our purchase order requirements.

Final Inspection

All material prior to shipment will be routed through Final Inspection, assuring that it is tested and inspected 100% in accordance with applicable drawings, specifications and purchase orders. A Final Inspection Report will be made on all material accepted. A copy of this report along with test reports and certifications (when required) are placed in a job folder.